How Police profile and target people with dreadlocks so unfortunate; must be addressed – Lydia Forson

General News A file photo of some youth with dreadlocks
SEP 16, 2023 LISTEN
A file photo of some youth with dreadlocks

Ghanaian actress and social critic Lydia Forson has criticized the way the Ghana police allegedly target people with dreadlocks and natural hair.

She observed that dreadlocks and natural hair, which are supposed to depict African identity, are now associated with bad behavior by ignorant thinking.

According to her, this has led to a situation where people who have the hairstyle are being mistreated or suspected of being criminals.

In a tweet on Thursday, September 14, the thespian noted that "Our disdain for locs and natural hairstyles really needs to be studied. The way the police profile and target people with locs[dreadlocks] is so unfortunate, and I see it nearly every day when they pull them over.”

She maintained that the real criminals in society aren't those with dreadlocks but instead are sometimes those who appear respectable in suits.

"Meanwhile the most dangerous criminals are in suites and tie with ponk [haircut suitable for officialdom],” she pointed out.

The actress and social critic believes the alleged maltreatment of people with dreadlocks or natural hair by police needs to be addressed.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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