I was not sacked from EIB Network — KOD

  Fri, 15 Sep 2023
Industry News I was not sacked from EIB Network — KOD

In a latest revelation, renowned TV and radio presenter, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), shed light on his exit from EIB Network, owners of popular media houses Starr FM, Ghone TV, and Kasapa FM.

Contrary to prior reports, KOD firmly asserted that he was not terminated from his position at the network.

With a noteworthy five-year tenure at EIB, KOD clarified that his departure in 2020 was the result of mutual agreement.

He disclosed that he, along with several of his colleagues, chose to leave due to prolonged issues involving unpaid salaries.

In May 2020, multiple media outlets had circulated reports suggesting that KOD and Jon Germain had been dismissed from EIB Network due to alleged plans to undermine the company’s leadership.

However, KOD refuted these claims during an appearance on Joy Prime with Roselyn Feli.

According to him, he was disappointed that Bola Ray, whom he referred to as his brother within the EIB Network, did not publicly address the allegations of his dismissal.

KOD elaborated on the challenges they faced, citing the closure of Unibank and difficulties in meeting financial obligations, especially amid the looming national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He recounted his efforts to resolve the salary crisis by discussing the matter privately with key individuals within the network.

He stressed that his decision to assist in managing the crisis was unfortunately misconstrued as a coup, an accusation he vehemently denied.

He further explained that reports of mass terminations from the network were not a situation of employees being sacked but rather a widespread departure as individuals pursued opportunities in other radio stations and projects.

He therefore expressed disappointment that despite his close relationship with Bola Ray, the network had not taken the opportunity to clarify the circumstances surrounding their departures.

“I told Bola I was going to take a walk. I was going to take a leave without pay until things went down. So I took a walk and we were cool. Then I got a call from someone that I planned a coup with Jon Germaine and that we had been instigating people. So I called Bola and he said I know how people talk. Bola is not my friend, he is my brother so I let it go,” he said.

He continued, “Bola called me another time and said now we have a challenge paying bills, this is what he is suggesting, he wanted me to go off Starr FM…and have my show running on Ghone TV which was good news to me. …so I took a walk. We signed mutual separation documents; they are in my car somehow and that was it. And that was how I left.”

According to him, he was surprised when he subsequently heard that they were sacked.

“I don't think anyone was sacked. It was a mass exodus of people at the time. People were moving into other radio stations. Others were doing their thing. It wasn't a sack.”

By Francis Addo

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