Delta Airlines almost landed us on the ocean, made me miss my Detroit event — Sarkodie laments

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SEP 11, 2023 LISTEN
Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie

Famed Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie levied harsh criticism at Delta Airlines over the weekend after an emergency landing while traveling from Accra to Detroit.

He accused the airline of endangering passengers by using old, unsafe planes.

In a tweet on Sunday, September 10, Sarkodie revealed his Delta flight did an emergency landing on an island in Portugal due to unspecified issues.

He slammed the airline for "sending these weak old flights (business class almost same as economy) to pick us up knowing very well they are not safe."

The award-winning artist said the plane "almost landed on the ocean" but thankfully touched down on an island safely.

"They keep sending these weak old flights to pick us up knowing very well they are not safe but still risk lives," he wrote.

Sarkodie also criticized Delta for poor communication during the mid-flight crisis and lack of compensation or bags upon finally reaching Detroit hours late.

"No compensation nothing and our bags still on the island," he stated.

The rapper said he missed his scheduled event in Detroit due to the delays, while urging them to forgive him for the inconvenience.

"To my fans in Detroit I’m very sorry and we working on making it up to you," he tweeted.

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