People hear more about music than movie because it’s noisy while movie flows like water – Nikki Samonas

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SEP 8, 2023 LISTEN
Nikki Samonas, Ghanaian actress

Renowned Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas has opined why music gains more attention and popularity in Ghana compared to movies.

In an interview with JoyNews, Samonas shared her perspective on the different receptions music and movies receive in the country.

According to Samonas, music is generally louder in nature.

"Music is noisy, it is everywhere and the movie is not as loud as music. So movies flow like water and the music is fire or fire, that's how I see it," she said.

With its constant volume and ubiquity, she explained that music carves out a distinct space in Ghanaian culture and consciousness.

In contrast, Samonas sees movies as more mellow.

"So obviously people are going to know more about music. Movies come once in a while but music is constant so I think that is why it is like that," she added.

While movies may struggle for prominence against music's wall of sound, Samonas notes the Ghanaian film industry has picked up recently through many interventions.

Creative distribution methods and significant investments, she says are helping boost the local movie business after difficulties from COVID-19.

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