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Guinness Accravaganza comes off on September 30

Guinness Accravaganza comes off on September 30

Ghana’s entertainment calendar will welcome a brand-new multi-artsy experience from the world’s no. 1 stout, Guinness, an exciting periodical celebration of all things black and magical, code-named “The Guinness Accravaganza”.

The first Guinness Accravaganza is slated for Saturday 30th September 2023 at the Untamed Empire on the Spintex Road, an unmissable event that shall aim to deliver an immersive appreciation of Guinness’ core belief that ‘Black Shines Brightest’ in every exciting facet in the life of Ghanaian consumers of this much-loved beer.

‘Black Shines Brightest’ is Guinness’ Pan African campaign that celebrates the iconic black liquid enjoyed in Ghana, across the continent and beyond since 1759. Guinness continues its tradition of celebrating the beauty and power of ‘black’ by bringing together passionate and creative individuals to celebrate the spirit of Guinness and the discerning drinkers who enjoy it and are inspired by its black uniqueness here in Ghana and beyond.

In Ghana, under the umbrella of the ‘Black Shines Brightest’ campaign, Guinness has been fueling the country’s creative economy by bringing Ghanaian creatives together, giving a platform to showcase their creativity and rewarding them.

Staying true to the spirit of Black Shines Brightest, the Guinness Accravaganza promises to generate cultural heat. The day-long-event will feature hours of live Music from some of the most relevant talents in the country, curated Food services to pair with your Guinness and other drinks from the Guinness Ghana (Diageo)

portfolio, an immersion into live Art and creative displays, a celebration of the most innovative Fashion trends and styles and fun Football engagements.

The Guinness Accravaganza experience compliments the several years of culture-forward investments made by Guinness stout; a nod to the brand’s global reputation and history.

Commenting, Estella Muzito, Marketing and Innovation Director at Guinness Ghana said, “launch of Guinness Accravaganza is a testament to Guinness’ commitment to being at the fore front of culture in Ghana and our Guinness-fueled passion continually investing in platforms that empowers lovers of creativity, and those with discerning taste for great vibes and premium taste to have an experience of a lifetime in an event that elevates them to all Shine Brightest.

Guinness Accravaganza shall no doubt be the place to be and to be seen; true to the Guinness ethos of goodness, power, and communion. The Guinness Accravaganza is the must-attend event in Accra this September.

The full roster of activities, performing acts, ticket information and more will be revealed across multiple channels including social media, radio and television with potential attendees encouraged to sign up for the latest information

Consumers are entreated to continue enjoying their cold chilled Guinness at their favourite bars and spots as they could score surprise access to what promises to be another spectacular day of bold entertainment in creatively exciting settings, backed by world class production and enthralling entertainment for all the human senses.

Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah
Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah

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