Party here, party there, party everywhere

By Wilfred Clarke
Opinion Party here, party there, party everywhere
SEP 4, 2023 LISTEN

In The UK, summer is mostly celebrated wherever one goes depending on the conditions of the weather.

And in London, the August-Bank-Holiday-Weekend is keenly celebrated with people throwing house parties, out-door-parties club ones and of course the main one which is the Notting Hill Carnival, for the Afro-Caribbean and the diaspora world.

Also, within the Ghanaian community in London, there are other parties to celebrate the summer, and one of such parties, is The-Afro-Boat-Party, which comes off yearly.

Standing still among the above-mentioned parties on one corner of the river Thames was The Afro-Boat-Party, which has been ongoing for the past nine years.

Obviously, there are so many boats up and down the river Thames, but the Tereza Joan Boat seems to pique the interests of both the promoter and patrons alike.

Welcoming patrons onboard the Tereza Joan Boat was a set by Clarke Pentoa who gave ravers an alternative mix of different songs as a warm-up session on the upper deck.

Describing how the event took shape The PM as the main promoter said: “It was amazing to first, get the DJs who I started with, to still be a part of this wonderful party.

“We had a different sort of speakers, so this time round the sound was spot on. On the upper deck, we had Clarke Pentoa doing his thing: playing alternative sounds as ravers troop in.

“We had POP’s Grill set-up not too far from the DJ, making a good smell of African spices blowing through the air reminding us of how a good summer should be like, given the weather we had.

“Downstairs was me, DJ Kudjo and DJ Rexy. I started with some 90’s Rhythm and Blues mid-tempo songs while waiting for the long queue to finish.

“DJ Rexy took over from me by playing some nostalgic songs on rotation before DJ Kudjo came in with some up-tempo Afrobeat which was good. Because by then, most people had finished dancing and eating on the upper deck and are ready to groove to some Amapiano music.

“In all, everything went exactly how it was supposed to be and how The Afro-boat Party was meant to sound.

“DJ Invisible passed through with some old school Bashment while zig zagging in-between Shabba Ranks, Beenieman, Buju Banton and many others.”

Papa Ruudy and his Versace Crew were seen on the upper deck while taking a refreshing glance of the planes landing and taking off right on the other side of the City Airport.

So, this year's version brought along DJs such as Rexy, Invisible, DJ Phat, Pacman, The PM, and Clarke Pentoa. Each bringing their own style and taste of music selection and mixing to the delight and joy of some revellers.

As the Chief Advisor of the event, Kobby Scratch was seen having a jolly good time given the event’s success with the General Overseer Madam Vee.

According to The PM, the news that awaits patrons for the tenth year anniversary celebration is that: “It will blow your mind, because we are heading to Miami for four nights with Virgin Voyage Cruise, starting on the 21st of August 2024 and people are happy about it.”

Concluding he said: “We hope to get back on a moving boat because that is how we started, and I know people have missed that.”

Clickshot Pictures was in charge with regards to all the scenic view of the party as far as professional photography is concerned.