25.08.2023 Opinion

So far, Runtown has never been bothered about your thoughts.

By Agwuma Kingsley
So far, Runtown has never been bothered about your thoughts.
25.08.2023 LISTEN

Runtown is a part of those minute, specially and highly unique talents from West Africa.

He is one of those peculiar musical vanguards from a part of the world’s most naturally blessed nation — Nigeria. With his evidently distinguished musicality, plus exquisite talents. That has been able to consistently create and secure cultural shifts within the creative arts industry locally and internationally.

In the course of his music career. Runtown has successfully unlocked a couple of hit songs. In his musical archive are a countless number of saccharine like records such as “Mad Over You,” “Latest,” “Baby Answer,” “Walahi,” “Lagos To Kampala,” “Unleash,” “Bend Down Pause,” “For Life,” and more. Which is solid authentication of how he glues an entire audience to his invaluable music.

Douglas Agu, 33, famed Runtown has core fans all over West Africa and beyond. While the originality of his music has influenced his career lifespan. It has also earned him an ubiquitous cult following. Their duty spawns through applauding his music genuinely. While there are various sets of musical enthusiasts including those expressive revelers. Some often adore and attach endless praise to beautify the excellence of his undiluted artistry. As others also persistently display how much of brilliance and attraction his art continually possesses from his rise to limelight to date.

Many preach how they’ve missed the spontaneity of his art on social media spaces. Intervally, some fans make complaints of his absence within the music industry and how it takes them so much patience to receive fresh Runtown music. Apparently it shows the relevance and impact of his sensitive artistry. Clearly unveiling the nature and peculiarity of his musical dexterity and stylish prowess.

In 2014, he made a career defining record. He scored his biggest collaboration with David Adeleke at time. Having Davido featured on his monster hit track “Gallardo,” during the earliest stages of his career. Presently within the soundscape, “Gallardo” should be easily considered as a part of those historic songs in Nigerian music. That created a genuine wave which sustained the glory of Naija’s exclusive pop culture.

Sincere cultural acolytes heavily indulge in the progress and constant news reports. From every creator that makes the music flow non-stop. And also understands how competitive the industry has been since the inception of Runtown’s career. Would unarguably testify that Douglas Agu, has consistently exchanged the beauty of his talents far beyond ordinary. With his art, he has successfully chronicled unforgettable moments in the music landscape. From the indelible glory and impact of his 2018 hit track “Mad Over You,” to date. It tells of his brilliance and creative excellence to put outstanding tracks together.

Runtown is a highly confident artist. He is one of those distinct creators that doesn’t ride with the wave of the industry. Mostly the pressures to fit in people’s ideals and so forth. While his numerous fans wouldn’t slow down in questioning his inconsistent musical output. This brief essay is only to remind you that Runtown once proclaimed in his 2018 record tagged “Energy.” That, “So I say/No man say no man can take my joy away eh/Yeah eh eh eh/I just wanna get more money and live my life my way/Free smoke free Hennessey/More life to my enemies/Ah ah ah.”

A strong proclamation of his uninterest towards many unnecessary concerns. As minding one’s business mostly away from the mainstream media has become a core priority. Also, including fans projection about the nature of the kind of artist you desire of him. Runtown is successfully living through the dream of his 2018 single — “Energy.” He is living life on his own terms and he is not bothered.