EyesInDubai assists production of Samini's ‘Good Vibes’ music video

By Erica Arthur || Contributor
Dancehall News EyesInDubai assists production of Samini's ‘Good Vibes’ music video

Premium Ghanaian-Dubai-based production and travelling agency, EyesInDubai, has been tipped to assist in the production of renowned dancehall artist, Samini’s upcoming music, ‘Good Vibes’ video.

The traveling brand was an assist to popular film director, Yaw SkyFace and King Kwame on the video production in Dubai.

According to the CEO and founder of EyesInDubai, the forthcoming music video promises to be a captivating fusion of Samini's artistic brilliance and the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai. The video provides insights into how EyesInDubai strategically weaves the city's architectural marvels and natural landscapes into the narrative, elevating the music video's visual appeal to an international audience.

EyesInDubai agency, renowned for its expertise in capturing the city's dynamic essence, during the shoot, was in charge of the Yatch shoot, Models, logistics and other beautiful locations with transportation services to translate Samini's musical expression into a compelling visual narrative. The agency played a pivotal role in ensuring the music video's authenticity and emotional resonance.

EyesInDubai provides the finest in terms of pick-up and drop-off services, photography, visas, tickets, hotel reservations, and treasured tour activities.

The Dubai-based agency is known for providing an upscale experience for customers in need of quality hospitality services, such as short-term rental options and a platform where people can book travel experiences all year round.

EyesInDubai has hosted renowned personalities like Bola Ray, Sarkodie, Sandra Ankobea, DWP Academy dancers, celebrity dentists, Gambo, Asantewaa, Lil Win and other great families and corporate organisations from all over the world who want to experience Dubai.

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