Wendy Shay mesmerizes music lovers as she gets featured by one of Haiti’s biggest music star K-Dilak

  Thu, 08 Jun 2023
Industry News Wendy Shay mesmerizes music lovers as she gets featured by one of Haiti’s biggest music star K-Dilak

In an exciting cross-cultural musical collaboration, Ghana’s top and finest female musician, Wendy Asiamah Addo, well known as Wendy Shay has joined forces with Haitian musician Joubitenee Dessalines who is popularly known as K-Dilak.

The two talented musicians have just created a masterpiece and this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the ever-expanding global music scene, illustrating how music transcends borders and connects people from diverse backgrounds.

Wendy Shay's powerful vocals, combined with K-Dilak's rhythmic melodies, have resulted in a remarkable track that will certainly captivate listeners worldwide.

K-Dilak recruited Wendy Shay on his latest single titled "Balance It” because he sees her as the right person to help him break into the African music space since the "Survivor” hitmaker has the perfect following and the right numbers to make it possible.

He is from Miragoane commune in western Haiti. K-Dilak comes with his slogan “Mesajé a” which means “the messenger”.

He currently remains one of the top artists in Haiti. Back in 2020, the MAGHAITI Media Group awarded him the prize of “Best Male Artist of 2020” because of the remarkable work he did in the music space and his undeniable talent.

K-Dilak has over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and 672,000 subscribers on Youtube, and remains the most valuable male artist in Haiti's music space currently.

His "Pwomèt Mweh" currently has over 24 million views on Youtube, while his "Pouki'n Yep Marye" and "Engra" have garnered over 22 million and 11 million views respectively as well.

K-Dilak also has as a part of his catalogue, one of the greatest duets in the world. The song which is titled “Pouki’n Te Marye” featured Bedjine, The song presents a sensitive taboo subject and so far, it has also garnered more than 4 million YouTube views in just 4 weeks.

Wendy Shay on the other hand is also doing great with her recently released EP titled, Enigma.

Her single titled ‘Survivor’ has topped many music charts and recorded over 70 million total streams on various music streaming platforms, including the popular video viewing and sharing platform, YouTube.

“Survivor” further topped the chart in countries like South Africa, Kenya, the UK, and many others which led her to be the most streamed female artiste on Boomplay last year.

From all indications, the collaboration between these two top-rated musicians is just a match made in heaven.

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