Black Sherif finally reveals the ‘truth’ about the reports of joining Illuminati

Exclusive News Black Sherif finally reveals the truth about the reports of joining Illuminati

Black Sherif, the winner of the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ ‘Artiste of the Year,’ has been generating a lot of attention in the past 24 hours due to his highly successful concert in New York.

While many music enthusiasts have been praising him for hosting a sold-out show at the Palladium Times Square, some individuals have been speculating that the talented musician has joined the Illuminati.

The rumours about Black Sherif joining the Illuminati resurfaced after an image of Baphomet was displayed in the background during his performance at the concert on Saturday, May 20, 2023. Social media users swiftly began spreading the claim causing a stir among fans and followers.

Amidst these allegations, an old interview with Black Sherif, conducted by GhanaWeb in May 2022, has resurfaced.

In the interview, he clarified the significance of the tattoo that resembles the Baphomet symbol.

He explained to GhanaWeb’s Elsie Lamar that the tattoo actually represents the ‘Mountain Goat.’

It is essential to note that the connection between the Baphomet symbol and the Illuminati is a widely debated topic, often fueled by conspiracy theories.

However, Black Sherif’s explanation from the interview sheds light on his personal interpretation of the tattoo, which he associates with the ‘Mountain Goat.’

As the discussions surrounding Black Sherif’s alleged involvement with the Illuminati continue to circulate on social media, it is important to approach such claims with scepticism and rely on verified information.

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