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Keche Joshua mocks Kuami Eugene’s comment about ‘No Dulling’ collaboration

Keche Joshua mocks Kuami Eugene’s comment about ‘No Dulling’ collaboration

Ghanaian musician, Keche Joshua has responded to a claim by Kuami Eugene that he wrote almost all the lyrics for Keche's hit song 'No Dulling' which was composed in 2020.

In an Instagram post, Keche Joshua expressed his disbelief at the claim, stating that he was surprised by Kuami Eugene's assertion.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, Keche Joshua can be seen laughing hysterically as he addressed the claim.

He said, "They said the only thing we did in the song was 'Otan brebere yi nti wo da wo da'. Hmm…So Andrew, 'No Dulling,' the only thing we did was 'Otan bebere yi nti wo da wo da'” he said this laughing hysterically before adding “…I don't understand it; I don't get it."

This response from Keche Joshua comes after Kuami Eugene appeared on Delay's show and claimed that he wrote the entire chorus and hook of the song.

He went further to state that if anyone claimed credit for writing the song other than him, the person was a liar.

"I did the whole chorus and hook. If anybody claims credit for it, it's a big lie because I wrote that. They are claiming credit for it because they feel they do not have talent or are inferior. I had written the hook and everything before they contacted me," Kuami Eugene said.

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