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‘My boyfriend used to go down on me orally in my menstrual period’ — Popular actress [VIDEO]

Monalisa Stephen, Nigerian actress and media personalityMonalisa Stephen, Nigerian actress and media personality
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A Nigerian filmmaker, model, and media personality, Monalisa Stephen, has made a jaw-dropping revelation.

The actress disclosed that her boyfriend used to lick her private parts, what is being popularly referred to these days as "heading," during her menstruation period.

The thespian says she resisted the first time but later made some research and found out that it will not cause any harm to her boyfriend.

Speaking on the "Hottest Bunch" podcast, the actress claimed that there is nothing wrong with a guy having sex with his lover during her menstruation period, whether orally or otherwise.

She argued that some ladies even lick their boyfriends' armpits, so there is nothing wrong with a guy sucking his lover’s menstrual blood.

Meanwhile, the African culture frowns on such mating to such an extent that it is believed some cultures used to distance themselves from women in their menstrual period due to what they believe as "misfortune" associated with it.

Watch her revelation in the video below:

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