My greatest fear is losing my ‘rockstar’ fame overnight – Kuami Eugene

Exclusive News Kuami Eugene, Ghanaian singer
FEB 7, 2023 LISTEN
Kuami Eugene, Ghanaian singer

Ghanaian highlife singer Kuami Eugene, says he will never trade his fame for anything.

The actor, who claims he came from a poor background, noted that it has been his dream to be famous throughout his entire life.

Speaking to entertainment broadcaster Doreen Avio, the "Sebe" crooner said he is afraid to return to the days when nobody used to recognise his presence.

“My greatest fear is to wake up one morning and realise I’m not this rockstar," he said, giving a scenario: "Imagine I wake up and go to the mall, and nobody says, 'Rockstar.’ I will ask myself if I didn’t sleep well."

Rockstar noted that he enjoys the shout-outs and massive love he receives whenever he goes out and will never get tired of it.

"I mean, I get people asking me; don’t you get tired when people are on your leg everywhere?" You don’t get to come stand in a queue like us anymore? I tell them it’s my job," he stated.

The same way fame is very important to him, he also values money because, to him, it is senseless to be known all over the world when you have no money to match up with the pressure.

“The money can give me the fame, so will you prefer to choose being famous over being without anything in your pocket? I think that will be the worst experience of my life.

"You’ll be super popular; everybody knows you everywhere, but you have to pick Uber. The driver will be thinking, "Is this Kuami Eugene, or has the Rockstar’s car developed a fault?" Kuami Eugene asserts.

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