Let’s not allow ourselves to be ridiculed, let’s vote for Peter Obi — P-Square’s Peter Okoye to Nigerians

General News Peter Obi, Nigerian presidential aspirantleft and Peter Okoye, singer
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Peter Obi, Nigerian presidential aspirant[left] and Peter Okoye, singer

Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of P-Square fame, has schooled Nigerians on the need to choose a better leader in the upcoming elections.

He argued that the nation would be ridiculed if the works of the leader doesn’t benefit Nigerians.

In a tweet sighted by Modernghana News, the P-Square native urged countrymen to put the nation first regarding their decision in the upcoming elections.

"Dear Nigerians, Other African countries are waiting to laugh at us! We can’t afford to have another embarrassing calamity to represent us on the world stage as GIANT OF AFRICAN. Please let us all vote for Peter Obi to avoid all that," the singer wrote on Friday, February 3.

He stressed in a similar tweet: “Dear Nigerians On the 25th February Nigerian Youths will set the record and order straight to this old politicians that Enough is Enough! We will retire all of them by voting the People’s Choice Peter Obi of the Labour Party.”

The Federal Republic has barely three weeks to vote and select new leadership for the country on February 25.

Being fed up with the political duopoly of the All People’s Congress and the People’s Democratic Party, most of the country’s youth seem to have subscribed to a new force known as the Labor Party, led by Mr. Peter Gregory Obi.

On the other hand, the All People’s Party, which is the ruling party, wants to retain power with Mr. Asiwaju Bola Tinibu as candidate, while the biggest opposition party, the PDP, vows to wrestle power with Mr. Atiku Abubakar.

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