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Is OB Amponsah sabotaging DKB?

Is OB Amponsah sabotaging DKB?
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The Ghanaian comedy scene has regained its relevance - thanks to celebrated Comedians; Benson Nana Yaw Oruro Boateng popularly known as Funny Face, David Oscar, and Derick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB.

At the time when it seemed like the Comedy scene was suffocating after the era of legendary Ghanaian stand-up ace comedians Kweku Sintim Misa better known as KSM, and Fritz Baffour, DKB together with Funny Face and David Oscar rescued it.

However, the slogging of DKB, Funny Face and David Oscar has birthed conspicuous stand-up ace comedians such as OB Amponsah, Lekzy DeComic, Clemento Suarez and General Ntatia.

But unfortunately, 4 years after helping the comedy scene to regain its lost glory, the current crop of comedians have failed to feature DKB on their shows.

Over a year now, this portal has observed that all the stand-up comedy shows that are being organized or headlined by these comedians are without DKB.

To augment the argument, in December 2021, OB Amponsah organized his first show dubbed “Popular but broke."

The much-advertised event featured veteran stand-up comedian/politician, Fritz Baffour and veteran Ghanaian actor Master Richard.

Per’s checks, even though DKB was initially on the bill and alleged to be the one who aided OB Amponsah into luring Fritz Balfour and Master Richard on the show, his name was eventually omitted from the bill without any explanation.

On 30th September, 2022, Lekzy DeComic also organized his show dubbed "Too cute to be mute". The publicized comedy show which took place at the National Theatre and featured Samuel Kenya, OB Amponsah, Funny Face , Clemento Suarez and General Ntatia again was without DKB.

The most astonishing aspect of the whole scenario was how Funny Face, who had come out from the psychiatric hospital after threatening to kill his wife and two children, was billed at the expense of DKB.

Many may argue that David Oscar was not also billed, but Oscar has found a new passion; Reggae Music.

DKB was again missing on the bill of comedienne Herles Jacinta's "It's Today" comedy show on October 8,2022 that featured Clementino Suarez and Obi Amponsah.

At the time of filing this report, two comedy shows which are going to be staged during this year's Christmas holidays are without DKB. These shows are being headlined by OB Amponsah and Clementino Suarez.

After all these omissions, the only question that seems evident to be asked is: Is DKB being Sabotaged?

If yes, then the answer can easily be deduced from the interview OB Amponsah granted Nana Ama Mcbrown on her 'United Showbiz' show on Saturday, December 10, 2022 on UTV - regarding his upcoming show.

During the interview, OB Amponsah while answering a question on why he didn't bill DKB on the show, ludicrously said:

"It's because DKB will overshadow me...I would end up replicating his jokes ...meaning, I wouldn't be able to feed my fans with a new joke".

Prior to OB Amponsah's interview, had gathered that certain big names in the industry together with the former have allegedly vowed to 'impair' DKB's career over a reason we are all yet to know!

The interview also prevented us from contacting him to ascertain whether he was really sabotaging the celebrated comedian. II Contributor on modernghana