I’m disappointed but whatever rap may be, it got me all I have — Blaqbonez on Wizkid’s attack

Industry News Im disappointed but whatever rap may be, it got me all I have — Blaqbonez on Wizkids attack
DEC 5, 2022 LISTEN

Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez has expressed his disappointment in Nigerian superstar Wizkid for belittling and disrespecting Nigerian rappers in his recent comment.

The award-winning rapper said he is very disappointed about the actions of the superstar to the extent that he can’t hide it anymore, despite Wizkid being his idol.

In an interview with 10 Magazine, the Grammy-winning Nigerian Afrobeat icon Wizkid called the rap genre dead, one-way and boring.

When confronted by some Nigerian rappers, Wizkid defended his comments by calling them “broke” in a Snapchat story. He added that Nigeria has no rappers because, in the whole of Africa Nasty C, Sarkodie and Black Sherif are the only rappers.

Blaqbonez, who has since been silent, wrote in a post on his Twitter page on Monday, December 5 that whatever rap may be, he will do his best to make sure the world recognises Nigerian rappers.

“The last few days had me reflecting, looking back at how far I've come, the Wins and the Losses, whatever rap may or may not be, it got me this, everything I have, the cult like fans who by far are the best part of everything,” part of his post reads.

It continued, “I said that to say I'm disappointed, everyone knows I'm a big Wizkid fan, maybe even a dick rider on twitter but rn I'm disappointed, I am, I can't hide my emotions, I wasn't even mad at the magazine article, those are conversations I've even had behind the scenes, but the actions that followed can't be defended, heavily degrading and undeserved but I'd keep doing my thing, carrying the most bashed and the most attacked genre on my back, showing the world what a Nigerian rapper looks like.”

The post concluded, “I'd keep dropping these hits, classic albums, selling out my shows, however far it takes me I'm good with it long as I can feed my family..."

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