If you want to date me forget about marriage, childbearing; don't post me, dare not tell me 'I love you' – Princess Shyngle

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DEC 2, 2022 LISTEN
Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress, mostly based in Ghana, Princess Shyngle has finally laid down some clumsy rules for men who want to date her after her multiple divorces.

The award-winning actress has stated that she is no longer interested in going back into marriage to be ditched again.

To any man who wants her for a relationship, she said never think of asking her to marry you or give you babies.

In a social media post, the curvy buttocks and slim waist actress emphasized that any man who will try the above on her will seize to be her man at that instance, adding that she will allow her man to cheat.

“The thought of me ever getting married again makes me sick to my stomach I don't ever want to get married again.

“I'm not interested in having kids so feel free to have as many baby mama's as you want. Lastly don't you ever post me on your social media or tell me you love me," she said.

The celebrated actress again stated that she hate being introduced to people by her man or being told “I love you.”

“Dont ever introduce me to any of your friends or family members. Don't you dare try to propose to me cuz that will be the last time you will ever hear from me again.

“I don't care if you're bisexual you can cheat on me with men and women I do not care as long as you're paying my bills, support my dreams, giving me good d**k, buying me expensive shit, l'll be the happiest," she stressed.

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