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Western Achievement & Excellence Awards sets date, venue for 2022 edition

By Mustapha Attractive
Western Achievement  Excellence Awards sets date, venue for 2022 edition
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CEO Suge Knight and his WAEA Direct Team have finally settled on a sure date for the second edition of WAEA (Western Achievement & Excellence Award) but in a repeat venue, Akroma Plaza in Takoradi.

The date fixing took place in a conference call among the WAEA Direct Team due to the difference in time zone and very remote residences of the members.

The team chose 17th December, 2022 as the date for the staging of the Western Achievement & Excellence Awards.

Western Achievement & Excellence Awards (WAEA) currently is the only actively running honors scheme that strictly awards outstandingly excelling companies and personalities that are within the Western Region of Ghana.

The WAEA's research and judgement board work with a broad scope of honor categories, which some or most have a dichotomy or multiple drop-downs, but the board chooses for each edition the categories that reign in relevance to the review year's development factors to create keen competition among the companies and personalities that operate within those niches.

The WAEA team aims at creating such a needed competition among western companies and personalities that matter for a better Western region.

One source information that has hit media ears hinted that the WAEA might consider these niches for its second edition category log: business, politics, chieftaincy, education, media, hospitality, sanitation, entertainment, events and other niches that are of great importance to community development.

Mustapha Attractive
Mustapha Attractive