Age and childbearing have taught me not to play romantic roles in movies anymore — Mercy Johnson

Movie News Mercy Johnson Okojie, Nollywood actress
OCT 5, 2022 LISTEN
Mercy Johnson Okojie, Nollywood actress

Popular Nigerian actress and movie producer, Mercy Johnson Okojie has opined on why she decided to avoid romantic roles in movies these days.

She intimated that at 35, certain kinds of lifestyles should not be tolerated anymore as she may have many youngsters who look up to her, either in a movie or in social life.

Having played many romantic roles and been tagged as one of the best romantic actresses in Nollywood, the actress revealed in an interview with Goldmyne in Nigeria that for the sake of what her four children will be hearing of her, she will no longer play romantic scenes as she used to.

“When I do that, what would the younger girls do? When you grow past a certain level, you try to go ahead and do better. For me, you don’t need people to tell you what’s right or wrong.

“Age is telling on me. I’ve grown past that level. I’m answerable to too many people: my husband and my kids. I hate to embarrass them in any way. My daughter is growing,” she said.

Mercy Johnson further explained “She (her daughter) gets hold of my phone sometimes, begins to google, and goes like, ‘Mum, my friends said…’ And they’re very inquisitive.

“I don’t think it’s (playing nude scenes) something I want to do to make my kids question me in any way or have something in their mind that they want to ask and they can’t."

“My sense of maturity is better, my judgments are better. Some of the errors I made in the past are things that I wouldn’t do now. Some choices I made back then I wouldn’t make now,” she stressed.

The seasoned actress and producer has released a new project titled "Legend of Inikpi."

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