Regional Festival of Arts and Culture celebrated at Kpone

By Richard Asumah & Sandra Boison II Contributor
General News Regional Festival of Arts and Culture celebrated at Kpone
OCT 3, 2022 LISTEN

A call to preserve the nation's distinctive cultural history in order to foster national unification and cohesion was made at the celebration of the 2022 Greater Accra Regional Festival of Arts and Culture at Kpone.

Through picture exhibitions and locally developed technologies, the festival served as a platform to highlight the natural potentials and economic resources of all Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

The Regional Festival of Arts and Culture(REFAC) 22 Celebrations was under the theme: "Promoting National Development through Culture" is a precursor to the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC), which will take place in Cape Coast in the Central Region from December 9th-16th 2022

The festival featured stunning cultural performances, choral music, sight singing, drum language, poetry recitals, and drama from all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the Greater Accra Region.

The occasion witnessed a highly contested beauty pageant of the various contestants which displayed the rich cultural diversity, ethnic diversity, and individuality of the Ghanaian people. Artefacts, traditional drums, woven baskets, clay pots, bowls, hats, necklaces, sandals, and wristbands made of beads were among the items on display at the event.

Following loud cheers from the audience, the elegantly attired contestants displayed Ga- Dangme artistic dance forms while covered with African print costumes and beads of various shapes and sizes.

The Municipal Chief Executive of Kpone-Katamanso Hon.Samuel Okoe Amanquah commended the program's organizers for their hard work and urged the youth to be proud of their culture and portray themselves as Ghanaians during his address to the people in attendance.

He added that” this unique platform would help to reveal the true and distinctive identity of the Greater Accra Region and preserve our culture and heritage” he said.

The Regional Director of the Centre for National Culture, Accra, Mrs. Alice Alima Kala pleaded for support for such programs in order to promote cultural tourism and preserve Ghana‘s rich culture.

Mrs Kala said that “ such cultural events offer a platform to the younger generation to acquire values for life “she said.

Even though it rained the entire time, the festival and its splendour persisted.

The following groups emerged at the event.

Culture Beauty Pageant

Miss REFAC 2022

*Naa Ayeley (Ga North)*

2. 1st Runner up

*Naa Akweley (Weija)*

3. 2nd Runner Up

*Naa Atswei (LADMA)*


1. *Lekma* winner

2 *Ga West* 1st runner up

3. *Kpone* 2nd runner up