'Wendy Shay’s boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend'

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SEP 19, 2022 LISTEN
Wendy Shay

Songstress Wendy Shay is allegedly going through heartbreak after her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend.

The speculation has gone viral on Saturday following her decision to address her relationship issues in a video for her new song titled, Warning.

She threw shots at her best friend who reportedly betrayed her. “My leftover is your new lover. And I don't give a sh**** because my left over is my left over,” she sang.

In the video, she is portrayed as a queen sitting on her throne but in a bush setting, suggesting confusion in her life at the moment.

Ahead of the release, she apologised on Friday for the foul language used in the song while she openly expressed her disappointment in her friend.

She wrote, “It's hard for Hardworking women to get genuine love.

Whiles, I was on the road chasing my Passion my so-called best friend was also chasing my man and now they are together. So ShayGang excuse me for my language, this song is very personal.”

It is not clear who the boyfriend is and also the girlfriend but they have deeply hurt Wendy Shay.

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