Mon, 07 Jun 2004 General News

Nkasei: The Show Masters Of Hiplife


Nkasei Hiplife has brought a vast change in the Ghanaian music industry as a lot of hiplife musicians have their way of rapping or what they are can do best to satisfy their fans and music lovers.As long as you are a fan of Nkasei you get what you want – I mean good lyrical music fused with funny jargons. Nkasei who are now out with their “Action” album want the public to know more about them and especially about their lyrics.As their name Nkasei means 'surprises', they have successfully and surprisingly surprised music lovers with 3 albums onto the music industry namely “Bisa”, “Nsenkyireni” and the new one “Action”.Ghana Music.Com asked them the reason behind the album title "Action"? Shy answered by saying “every song is an action and hit song just because we used fire to make all the 13 tracks”.Nkasei started as a group called 'Kente Klan' way back in 1996. They (Naa K and Shy) were then neighbours living at Abavana Kotobabi who were break dancers and rappers but never knew or talked to each other. They one day met at a rap show and were all shocked at each others performance. After the show, they decided to have a chit chat about merging their rapping skills together on their way home.“After our debut album was all set, we sat with all those who helped us in preparing the album to change our name. More funny names started cropping up in the air, until the almighty name dropped – Nkasei (which means we meant to surprise people all the time)”, Shy added to the history of Nkasei.Currently three of their songs are making it big on the airwaves and they are 'Nkuro Eduro', 'Alogo Springi'and 'Shake your Wele Wele Wele'. Most of the songs were recorded at Hush Hush Studio and they are being produced by Lisarf Music Production. Since they have been in the hiplife scene for a long time, Ghana Music.Com decided to ask them how they think hiplife is doing in 2004? Naa K said “Hiplife has brought a vast improvement on the Ghanaian music scene. First foreign music was dominating our radio and TV stations. I also think hiplife has a big and bright future in Ghana”.Speaking to them at Naa K's residence, we (Ghana Music.Com) again asked them about their lyrics? “Nkasei is known to be a lyrical group but what they don't know is that we are 'Fantes' and 'Fantes' are able to entertain the whole nation”“We also don't forget our backgrounds when writing our lyrics and lastly the lyrics are all from God”.Isaac Mensah (Naa K) was born on the 7th June to Hannah Bartels and Ekow Mensah who hails from Elmina. Naa K started schooling at New Nation Preparatory, then to ACC 1 for his JSS and continued to Christian Methodist Secondary School. When Naa K is not at shows or doing anything musical he finds time for eating and brainstorming on everyday activities. Naa K started rapping with Promzy of VIP as a group called Asem Aba for a short while in the SSS times. His future ambition is to be a farmer. For records Naa K has a HND in accounting from Takoradi Polytechnic and was once a former teacher of Harvard College, and has a seven year old son.Shy was born on 9th September to Mr Kwaku Yeboah and Mrs. Rita Nyarko as Clement Kwame Godlove Yeboah Prah. Shy is a product of Queens Preparatory, Wilberforce school and OIC School of Arts. His hobbies are watching movies, listening to hiphop and a few country music and reading a times. Shy got into the hiplife game alongside his break dancing. His future ambition is to be like the Michael Jackson's and Bob Marley's, etc.What's next for Nkasei after their album is doing well on the market? “Well we're planning some tours in the country, campaigning against Child Abuse; holding a hiplife musical carnival for orphanages and more surprises”.Naa K had this message for his fans as “do your best in your youthful age because that's the time you have enough strength and energy, and erase the idea that there's more time, because the time to do it is now”. He could be reached on his mobile phone on 233 24 4608215.Shy gave this as his last words “fans should respect their parents and everybody. Keep supporting us and keep the spirit of Nkasei in your heart because we believe that the whole country is Nkasei and watch out for AIDS. Also watch out for video clip of 'Wele Wele Wele' which will contain surprising and funny scenes of a cemetery, car parks, zoo, well rehearsed formation dance and many more”. He could also be reached by phone on 233 24 4693679.In five years to come Nkasei hopes to have a state-of- the-art recording studio to help the upcoming musicians and also sweep all awards at any musical award show. If they had a chance of working with an African musician, it would be Youssou N'Dour, Kanda Bongo Man or resample Fela Kuti's song.