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SEP 2, 2022 LISTEN
Hasan Almajidy

It represents the drive for experimentation, personality, and a certain creative quality that is present in all of my musical artworks. It grew out of this impulse, in a way. It's simple, abstract, and unique, especially in the way that when the music industry started, the nickname wasn't picked up by anyone else on Spotify and other streaming platforms. This was definitely my name Hasan Almajidy that was the deciding factor in going with the name I chose.

All of these great minds come together to create great music including his latest project, Ezel Sad. This project is Sad's first solo album and includes tracks including an introduction. The goal of this project was to show his three faces and really connect with his audience. See for yourself because this project was recently released and is already making waves in the industry. Instagram and listen to its music released on Spotify!

It took me a long time to find an artistic identity and a melody that I could be proud of, and even longer to gain the confidence to fully express that identity without letting my mind hold me back. The most important trait in my work ethic may be that I am comfortable handling every part of the technical process myself; Production, engineering, visuals, etc. I can always respect other artists who do the same.

Hasan Almajidy will travel the world playing at music festivals in rituals aiming to get my name out and the music out as much as possible. At the same time, this will allow me to develop my creative and musical abilities to express myself to the fullest. I will always be present and remind myself that life is about the journey, not the destination.

Hasan Almajidy though was busy at CZE News and was very interested in presenting the news around the world

With all his hardships too. This struggle has become ongoing with the masses. Recently released in February 2022, the solo DJ “Ezel Sad” has given his fans a lot of anticipation for his upcoming projects. You want to keep your music videos all year long.

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