'Why couldn't you keep your husband with your money?' — Nkechi Blessing jabbed over her “I can buy any man” comment

Exclusive News 'Why couldn't you keep your husband with your money?' — Nkechi Blessing jabbed over her I can buy any man comment
AUG 16, 2022 LISTEN

Mr. Ossai Ovie Success, Special Media Assistant to Delta State Governor in Nigeria, has chastised popular Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday for making derogatory remarks about men.

Nkechi Blessing took social media by storm after declaring that she is not ready to be subjected to the control of any man in the name of marriage.

She went on to say that with the money she has, she can get any man she wants to satisfy her lust and even command him whenever she wants.

“No one in this life has ever said dem won’t get married. With the little change I have, I can comfortably buy a man, you dey hear English.

“I can easily purchase a man and bring him into my home. He will remain until I tell him to leave when I say him sit down there,” she said.

Mr. Ovie Success responded by asking rhetorically why she couldn't keep her ex-husband if she truly believed men could be bought with money.

He also wants her to publicly apologize for her disrespectful remarks about men.

"You can buy s*x but can’t keep a man with your money. She thinks men are cheap. I guess she doesn’t know her money can only buy sex from men but can’t keep a man. This is the same Nkechi that couldn’t keep her ex-husband.”

“If her money can keep a man, why was she unable to keep her husband.? Why did her husband dump her.?

“I am a man, I can’t stand her insulting my gender. She should apologize to us. She should keep mute, humble herself so men will not use dumped her,” he stated.

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