Nollywood Actors Kidnappers’ phones can be traced — Monalisa Chinda

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AUG 3, 2022 LISTEN
Monalisa Chinda

Nigerian actress Monalisa Chinda is appealing to the public for the urgent rescue of two of her colleagues who are at the moment in the hands of kidnappers.

Clemson Cornel and Cynthia Okereke were kidnapped last Friday while they were returning from a movie set in Enugu State of Nigeria, multiple Nigerian media outlets reported.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Monalisa expressed concern about the notion of Nollywood actors being rich.

“I don't understand how people would think that actors have money… with the paltry sum we receive as fees? The struggle through life vicissitudes, health issues etc we face every now n then,” she wrote.

She went on to reveal that the phone being used by the abductors can be traced.

“$100k from where? The numbers that were used to communicate with them can easily be traced. I mean.. (crying emoji). The search is on (prayer emoji) @actorsguildofnigeria Let's keep reposting please,” she concluded.

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