Can't you use the amount you spend on clothes to build yourself a house? - Delay advices King Promise

Exclusive News Can't you use the amount you spend on clothes to build yourself a house? - Delay advices King Promise
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One of Ghana’s most authoritative showbiz and lifestyle interviewers, Deloris Frimpong Manso, affectionately known as Delay, was getting on King Promise's nerves over his extravagant spending on clothes and jewellery.

She asked him if the huge amount of money he spends on clothing can't be used to buy or build him a house since he doesn't own one yet.

These questions came after King Promise revealed on her Delay show on Sunday, July 31, which was monitored by Modernghana News, that his jewellery alone is worth approximately $50,000.

King Promise discloses “These customised necklaces cost a little more than $10,000, my watch cost almost $30,000, and my diamond earrings, $2000, totalling about $50,000,” he said pointing to his jewellery.”

He further explained “We spend money to get money because when you see me and I pull up in a Range Rover, you know you can’t mention some price to me. Out of respect, for how I carry myself and my brand; I’m an expensive brand. I’m not bragging; I’m just saying.”

This is what took Delay aback making her ask, “Can’t the $50, 000 add up to finish your house?”

King Promise replied by saying; “No, you should see the house I’m building. I’m already working on stuff…I’m building a house.”

According to Delay, there is a perception that musicians and most Ghanaian celebrities spend their money on "unnecessary" items rather than saving for their future which causes them to end up begging for shelter.

The “5-star” album maker replied, “I’m a very optimistic person. I know where I come from, I use my head when I’m doing anything. If I didn’t have much in my account to buy these things, I wouldn’t do it. I won’t spend all my savings to impress people I might not know who you are just on the internet.”

He continues “At the end of the day, I have a family to feed, I have a career to build, I have a future to build as well…at the end of the day, whatever I do is towards my brand.”

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Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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