Ghana Must Honor Her Heroes

By Dumenu Charles Selorm
Opinion Ghana Must Honor Her Heroes
MAY 23, 2022 LISTEN

Bibie Brew, the illustrious, humble, and ever modest Ghanaian diva once more puts her country Ghana and Africa to value as she begins her European Summer Tour.

Over the weekend, she held 9000 white music fans spellbound by her preternatural and Olympian display of showmanship.

Fans and music lovers expressed their love for the songstress by singing along and giving her a standing ovation throughout this performance on live television in France.

The show was held in the oldest French Théâtre called Antique d'Orange, a 2,000-year-old Antique, Ancient Roman Empire Theatre listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is also the most well-preserved theatre in Europe and was built by Emperor Augustus.

Bibie became famous internationally when her song "Tout Doucement" became a smash hit selling over a million copies, making her popular in French territories globally.

She became the first Ghanaian to sell over a million copies internationally and first Ghanaian female musician to go international with her notoriety extending across the 275 million French speaking people in the world. She paved way for the likes of Angelique Kidjo.

The world has 3 major record labels namely Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Historically, Bibie is the only Ghanaian to have been signed to two of these labels in her winding and successful career. She was on CBS/Sony Music in the 1980's and Universal Music Group in the early 2000's.

She is a household name in France and has remained an influence on the French music culture.

Bibie Brew was born and raised in Ghana by parents who were diplomats. She has travelled all over the world, identifying herself as a Ghanaian all the way. A very patriotic citizen who returned to Ghana to impart her knowledge and expertise by building a centre called New Morning Arts Cafe which has developed and mentored many talented youths.

Interestingly, the apothegm " a prophet is not without honor save in his own country" is obviously very much in play in her story if observed. Ghanaians, gatekeepers, in the entertainment world and more have totally sidelined, understated her role, contributions, underestimated and downplayed the accomplishments of

this great child of the land.

Has this woman been celebrated in even the littlest way and form? Nigerians have celebrated, honored and embraced her as theirs.It took the South African based Music In Africa Foundation for her to receive the

Music In Africa Honorary Award, in 2019.

Why can't we celebrate our heroes? Why do we disregard those who bring good repute to us?

Consequently, the Ghanaian youth are becoming less patriotic, and this posture may be traced to factors that include our cancerous and unfortunate habit of not honoring our heroes. We can do better as a nation. Long live Ghana.

Please watch the video of the first show for her tour this summer.

By Dumenu Charles Selorm

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