Ghana’s musical industry on ticking time bomb – Celebrated Multi-instrumentalist

Industry News Ghanas musical industry on ticking time bomb – Celebrated Multi-instrumentalist
MAY 13, 2022 LISTEN

Celebrated Ghanaian Music Director and Multi-instrumentalist, Kwame Yeboah, says until the right people are hired to manage the country’s music industry, it might eventually collapse.

He indicated that the country’s music industry has no structure, making it difficult to operate effectively and efficiently. This he believes also hinders the progression and development of artistes.

The musicians who have numerous works to his credit revealed he barely makes anything from the Ghanaian music industry as its logging system is flawed. “I have other systems which I get paid from but I don’t get any money or airplay from Ghana which is not good. How about the others who have no other streams or systems they make money from? We all need to make some returns and it is high time a system is out in place in Ghana to ensure that.”

Explaining the royalty system in the United Kingdom (UK), he revealed every corner bar pays a little for playing songs of artistes. “If any bar was paying a cedi whenever they play music, artistes could earn something for their development. The can make enough to produce high quality music instead of always going to the same small place and suffering criticism for producing bad sound as compared to Beyoncé etc.”

Because all these measures have not been instituted, Kwame Yeboah insists “the entire system has not been enabled to function effectively, hence becoming a ticking time bomb which will one day crash and burn.”

He advised musical bodies to put in place monitoring systems to monitor bars, radio stations and outlets that use the works of artistes for commercial purposes.

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