Throwback Thursday: The high school love factor

By Kumah Prince Michael
Opinion Throwback Thursday: The high school love factor
MAR 10, 2022 LISTEN

Love will forever remain one of the integral parts of human existence.

One way or the other, we have all expressed love to individuals who matter to us and are dear to our hearts and in so many ways we together have made lasting moments.

Sometimes, love may come to some individuals the easy way or the tough way but the adventure of course will always justify the magic.

Talking of adventure, one of the places where the adventurous forms of relationships exist is the Senior High School level.

Until the days of modern communication, people will still find ways and means to stay in touch with their sweethearts no matter how far their schools are.

Back in the day, one will feel like the queen or king during either Dining or Entertainment sessions because you may be fortunate to receive a love letter from your lover who is almost 60 miles away!

Creative girls will draw arts with blue, red, and black pens with several love quotes while boys did what they do best, quoting song lyrics.

If not for Akon’s ‘Lonely’, Westlife’s ‘My Love’ or the popular Bisa Kdei classic ‘Dear my love comma’ songs, or any love song which sounded appealing and touching to the female gender.

The ones who find themselves in the same boarding schools sometimes may not be too fortunate because there may never be enough time to have a real good moment with their sweethearts.

After supper periods were always the best moments where you will see boys line up by the side of the dining halls waiting for their queens for that magical moment where they get to touch, hug, kiss, and maybe smooch.

Caring girls will wrap some sardines, gari, cornflakes, milk powder, sugar, and maybe some toiletries for their ‘hubbies’ whiles caring boys will also have their just sent from home pocket money in envelopes ready to hand over for the sake of love.

The only sad factor is that they may not be so lucky especially when the housemaster or mistress decides to launch an ambush.

Entertainment periods were also the perfect moments to bond up when you have to coil up in each other’s arms grooving to that soothing rhythm the DJ spews.

One of the honestly underestimated moments was when she flashes you a pretty smile and stares at you with those pretty eyes looking all beautiful whiles you just argue about football with your squad.

Did you never take pride when you are hailed with your popular high school boyfriend's name, occasionally worn his jersey or T-shirt, or taken pride in yourself because he was a rapper or a dancer, or a popular sports boy.

How well do you remember the “madam is coming!” and the next moment she runs down the lobby towards the dormitory.

In very few circumstances do these kinds of relationships last for longer periods because activities beyond the walls of the boarding household a lot of uncertainties.

Usually, the problem is that most of these young ones do not ask questions on what goes on beyond school, and maybe it is because they are just so engrossed in that short-term sweet feelings.

Many only look back and have regrets while many smiles in memorable thoughts as they try to remember all the blissful moments shared.

Women by no fault of theirs grow faster than men do and sometimes want to surge towards their lives with growth and sometimes may want to move on with who is ready.

Simply put, these girls may not want to risk a lifetime with their uncertain high school lovers.

The distance may also play a part in the eventual split because they are no more bonded within the confines of school but now will have to see their love dissolve in a crowded world.

How well do you remember your high school lover? Leave your memories in the comment section.

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