The Future Of Ghanaian Music Is Safe In The Hands Of New School Acts Like Aligata & Co

By Brian Bell
Opinion Aligata
MAR 3, 2022 LISTEN

The Ghanaian music industry in recent times has come under attack by critics and lovers as to whether the industry has a future at all.

The question about the ability of Ghanaian artistes to compete because of lack of resources and investment have not been left out of the conversation.

The creative powers of our emerging artistes have also been a center of the entertainment conversation by major Tv and radio pundits.

We've been following keenly the activity of some of the most consistent and talented independent artists in our media and internet space like Black Sherif, Kelvin Boy, Ama Rae, Aligata, Gyakie amongst others.

One name that keeps getting our attention is Aligata.

This prolific Afrobeats, Reggae And Dancehall lyricist seem to always have something mind-blowing under his sleeves.

He is either on some dope freestyle session, dropping some amazing snd thought-provoking potential hits or granting very insightful and interesting interviews.

Just this week, we came across a freestyle video he shared via his personal Facebook account which led us to his Youtube where the full freestyle video is up for everybody's viewing pleasure. I was on Original Tv's "PAE MU KA' live freestyle session.

Watching the video, you can tell he just went to a normal Tv interview and turned the interview freestyle into something that can be enjoyed over and over again.

These are the kind of artistes the Ghanaian industry is producing now and with the likes of Aligata and co, we can say the future of Ghanaian music is in safe hands.

These new school cats are their own investors, record label and management. A mindset that will always attract bigger labels and investors.

Aligata has said it time without number he is not the type of artiste who sits and complains. He is a go-getter and a trendsetter.

Ghanaian Music is blessed. Let's support these hardworking future champions.

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