I'm still a 'virgin' — Black Sherrif claims

Celebrity I'm still a 'virgin' — Black Sherrif claims
SEP 24, 2021 LISTEN

Rapper Black Sheriff says he is still 'clean' at age 19.

In an interview on the Delay Show, the rapper stated that a failed attempt to woo a lady back in Senior High School has deterred him from ever wanting to hook up with any lady yet.

"When I got back to Senior High School, I tried to get on with a lady but she bounced me and that affected so I just resolved that I am going to remain this way as much as possible," he stated.

He said he was bent on establishing a blossoming career which never compels him on engaging in anything erotic.

When asked whether he had ladies moving to him due to his success in the music scenes, the rapper stated that he was yet to have such experience even though someone else controls his social media handles.

Speaking on his music and the kind of iconic aggression he employs when performing his songs, the 'Kwaku Fimpong' rapper expressed that his terrible experiences in his line of chasing his dreams motivate that.

"I have been through so much and that is what reflects on my songs, my second sermon for instance has 70% of the lyrics relating to me while the other 30 were based on stories I have heard about other individuals," he revealed.

The rapper has for weeks been on the high radar as his first and second sermons have all chalked massive success on charts nationwide.

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