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I'm f*cking hate living in Ghana - Lydia Forson cries

I'm f*cking hate living in Ghana - Lydia Forson cries
28.06.2021 LISTEN

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Lydia Forson who is sick and tired of the hardships people are facing in the country has taken to her Twitter page to express her displeasure.

According to Lydia Forson, she is sick and tired about how those who do decent jobs can’t even afford to rent decent places to lay their heads.

She went ahead to chastise the Government for being too greedy and overly inconsiderate about the hardships majority of the citizens are facing.

Lydia Forson furthered that, Ghana has become so hard that men engage in fraud business while the women sell their bodies to be able to afford simple things of life like a place to rent.

Read her tweets below;


Michael Agyapong Agyapa
Michael Agyapong Agyapa

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