04.11.2020 Opinion

Sarkodie Must Apologise To Kuami Eugene For Endangering His Career In "Happy Day" Song

Sarkodie Must Apologise To Kuami Eugene For Endangering His Career In
LISTEN NOV 4, 2020

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi has advised Sarkodie to render an apology to the young talent, Kuami Eugene for endangering his career in the "Happy Day" song. In the tune, Sarkodie is heard to have slighted the NDC while praising Akufo Addo and this has generated controversy since it's release. Counsellor insists also that, Sarkodie must release an official statement to dissociate Eugene from the political controversy the song has generated.

The counsellor made this revelation on his Facebook handle where he wrote that;

SARKODIE × Kuami Eugene's "Happy Day" which song endorses the NPP is a masterpiece, an effortless banger. Forget the politics, Possigee and MoG killed the beat. SARKODIE murdered his lines, as always, and Eugene did fine.

But, unless Sarkodie wants to publicly identify with the NPP and perhaps gain some recognition (and position) in the party if it wins the elections, just like Mark Okraku, Obuor or Abatey, I think the political line was very needless. He didn't need that single political line to make the song hit. The controversy it has generated is not worth its overshadowing the song's goodness.

Sarkodie is an old gee in the game. If he feels his music career is toning down (or for any reason) and wants to make some seamless transition into politics, that's great! After all, politics is someone's full-time career. My worry, however, is his in consideration of the young talent, Kuami Eugene, whose music career can be jeopardised with the political controversy. In Ghana, politics can destroy a lot of things, hence, jumping into it must be a carefully considered decision, I don't think Eugene has done that yet.

As Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, I'd advise Sarkodie to apologise to Kuami Eugene. And release a statement that officially dissociates Eugene from the political twist he turned on the banger. Anything contrary to this would make Sarkodie confirm the impression people have about him as unsupportive of the young dudes as he's done to Strongman, Awal, and other 'good' young rappers who associated with him.

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