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Pognaa Chaana To Host Us At The 100th Dumba Festival

By Erica Arthur
Pognaa Chaana To Host Us At The 100th Dumba Festival
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Former Ghana Most Beautiful contestant who represented the Upper West Region of Ghana, Pognaa Salma Chaana Abdul Razak is inviting the world to Wa for the Dumba Festival.

According to the Pognaa Chaana, this year’s celebration marks the 100th edition of the Festival which will commemorate on October 29 with a tall list of cultural activities.

In an interview with the Pognaa ( Queen of the Youth), she said, “All indigenes of the Upper West region, we encourage you to make time out of your busy schedules to take a trip back home in commemoration of this 100 years celebration of the Dumba festival. ‘Ka naga bi ayiri kyi kuli kuu dumii’ is a saying in Waale, one of our native dialects meaning if there is a scorpion in ur hometown you must still come home for it to bite you.”

The beauty Queen who doubles as a health practitioner, humanitarian, and an Entrepreneur also added that “to friends and family around the Globe, especially in Ghana, take a trip to the upper west region Wa, to witness this colorful and memorable festival full of merrymaking and traditional dance. The celebration commences from October 29, 2020, to November 4, 2020. Remember November 3, 2020 which marks the Day of celebration is the peak of it.”

“It is a pleasure to draw your attention to our Dumba festival celebration. This year marks 100 years of its celebration. A milestone indeed!!”

Aside from the beauty and colourful culture of the people of Upper West, they are noted for producing true African queens who are beautiful in and out and are properly raised to fit perfectly well in the society and Pognaa Salma Chaana Abdul Razak cannot be left out when queens are counted.

About Dumba Festival

Dumba festival, which is the oldest and most popular festival in the Northern part of the country and it’s celebrated annually by Gbewaa yaansi (descendants of Naa Gbewaa – Waala, Mampurusi, Dagbamba, Nanumba, and Mossi in Burkina Faso) and our neighbours, the Gonja is to take place this year from October 29, 2020- November 4,202

In the Waala State, under the distinguished leadership of the Overlord (Wa Naa), the occasion is used to promote developmental issues in the region.


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