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Fake Prophecies Cause Of 25% Of Divorce Cases In Christian Marriages – Apostle Hunter

Apostle Dr Z. O. Hanter
LISTEN AUG 9, 2020
Apostle Dr Z. O. Hanter

Apostle Dr Z. O. Hanter, the host of ‘Answer For Today’ on Class Media Group's Number One105.3FM, has said about 25 per cent of all divorce cases in Christian marriages is caused by a fake prophecy.

According to the founder of Nungua Adogonno-based Prayer City, too many fake prophets are destroying marriages with their obnoxious prophecies.

In a discussion with his guest, Pastor Elias Hagan, General Overseer of God’s Delight Church, Apostle Dr Hanta, who is also a marriage counsellor, said: “Too many pastors, gospel singers and Christians have divorced and I’ve heard some have also filed for divorce”.

According to him, “About 25 per cent of the divorce rate in the Christianity community in Ghana is caused by fake prophecies from fake prophets”.

“So many pastors have destroyed many marriages in Ghana”, he said.

In his estimation, female pastors are the most to blame for some of those fake prophecies that destroy marriage.

“A lot of such cases have come to me for counselling”, he noted.

Apart from the female prophets, Apostle Dr Hanta said: “A lot of so-called prophets who have bleached for fairer complexion and wear jerry curls are also to blame for a lot of divorce cases in the Christian community”.

“Their fake prophecies are wrecking many marriages in Ghana”, he deplored.


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