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I Don’t Live My Life To Please Anybody – Doreen Andoh Fire Critics Who Pressurises Her To Marry

Doreen Andoh
LISTEN JUL 28, 2020
Doreen Andoh

Celebrated radio icon Doreen Andoh says she was never bothered about people who pressurise her to get married and have kids.

The Joy FM presenter of over 25 years experience in radio disclosed this when Kofi Okyere Darko asked her on the KOD Meets Show on GHOne TV on Sunday evening if it got a point in her life where people asked her if you won't give birth.

“I couldn’t be bothered. I have always said this: I have a mind of my own, I am not totally moved by what people think or say about me and there is a little method to my madness and I like to be free living and I honestly couldn't be bothered about when people ask me or when people said when are you getting married or when are you having kids. I am like you know what, in my own time and in God’s own time I will. I don't live my life to please anybody. I always tell people, look here it's my life. If you have had the challenges that I have had, if you got metals in your two legs like I do, if you have actually jumped the hurdles that I have jumped too in my life and you can sit and smile then you have a point to judge me,” she said

When she was asked if her parents didn't have issues with her not marrying or giving birth at the time, she continued, “My parents have raised me in a certain way. They realised at a point that I am not one person who likes to be pushed. I hate pressure. I did everything in my own time. If you give me, I will prove myself but if you push me you will not get anything from me and that is a fact.”

About her kids, she said they “are amazing. I love my kids deadly. They are my breath. They are everything that I have. I will do anything for them.”

When also asked about how motherhood has been treating her, she indicated, “It makes you a little bit more responsible…your time no longer belongs to you anymore so I have to just adjust my time.”

She also said giving birth to her twins “is a one-time event” for her.

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