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Leila Djansi Demands Apology, Retraction Of ‘Defamatory Comments’ From Kafui Danku

Leila Djansi, Kafui Danku
LISTEN JUL 24, 2020
Leila Djansi, Kafui Danku

US-based producer Leila Djansi is demanding an apology and a retraction from actress Kafui Danku over derogatory comments she made about her in a Facebook post earlier this week.

On July 21, Kafui Danku in a post alleged that Leila peddled lies about her and also described her as “dangerous.” But Leila has, in a reaction, denied the claims and asked for a retraction in return.

A letter from her lawyers to Kafui stated that her comments are injurious to Leila’s image, and therefore, demanded an apology.

“It is our client’s instruction that on the 21st day of July, 2020, you caused to be published on your Facebook wall some defamatory words targeted at the character of our client.

"Our client further instructs that the said words to wit I might as well make the whole community aware that you are DANGEROUS…If anybody has warned you to be careful of Leila Djansi, believe them! ” were falsely and maliciously calculated to lower our client in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally and to tarnish her hard-earned reputation,” the letter stated.

“It is our client’s further instruction that although you issued an apology on your Facebook wall on the 22nd of July, 2020 which was accepted by our client, same was deleted shortly after it was issued. Furthermore, notwithstanding the said apology, the damage to our client’s reputation had already been occasioned as the said defamatory words had been widely circulated by various media outlets and blogs.

Consequently, our client demands that you cause the retraction of the said words from all third party media outlets and blogs which have published same and also cause the said apology to be published and circulated particularly on your Facebook wall with the same prominence as was given the defamatory words, by the close of business on the 23rd of July. 2020,” it demanded.

“Our client further demands that the publication of the said apology on your Facebook wall should remain for no less than seven (7) days from the date of publication.

Should you fail to do so, our client will be compelled to pursue appropriate remedies without further notice to you,” it added.

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