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14.07.2020 Music News

Korkui Drops Another Banger For The Homowo Celebrations “Ga Mei”

Korkui Drops Another Banger For The Homowo Celebrations “Ga Mei”
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Just like any serious production team will do, when you have a song or songs like Anukwale and Corona lover doing relatively well and enjoying some airplay you would not want to drop anything new song but to allow the two songs sometimes.

Well in our case we have had to drop another banger asap because the demand for the song to hit the airwaves, the streets and your homes as soon as possible cannot be ignored and we have had to give in.

The new track “Ga Mei” which captures all the reasons why the Ga people are not united and for that reason not able to assemble a formidable front to push the Ga agenda well.

The song talks about how we have allowed greed and selfishness to eat so deep into our fabric, it has destroyed all the good our forebears left behind.

The song preaches unity and ones which were the main reason the listening party members ask that the song should be released now as the official song for the Homowo 2020.

Release date on the digital channel: 17th July 2020

Produced by Obed Otoo for Jet-Y productions.