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05.04.2020 New Release

Musician Kwabsmah Releases Latest Single ‘All Day’ Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

Kwabsmah - All Day/cover art
LISTEN APR 5, 2020
Kwabsmah - All Day/cover art

Upcoming act Kwabsmah’s latest single ‘All Day’ is set to keep audiophiles entertained this season, as cities worldwide are currently on a total lockdown due to coronavirus concerns.

Produced by Kenxshin and Uche B, the RnB tune ‘All Day’ sets the tone about a girl Kwabsmah loves and wishes to spend his whole day with.

He dreams of travelling far and wide to see this remarkable girl just so they have some mad fun and of course, cap it off with loads of cuddling till the sun is up again.

After two months of touring schools and repping concerts all over Ghana’s capital, ‘All Day’ is set to soothe fans and audiophiles alike.

We’re in unpleasant times and Kwabsmah wants to help audiophiles find calm within their minds and souls as everyone prepares themselves for what comes next.

Stay indoors and listen to Kwabsmah’s ‘All Day’ here:

Rex Krampa
Rex Krampa

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