So Ghanaians Want Me To Die Before They Celebrate Me – Fred Amugu Laments

Exclusive News Fred Amugi
FEB 10, 2020 LISTEN
Fred Amugi

Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Nii Yartey Amugi has lamented on how he is not being celebrated while he is still alive.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz recently, Uncle Fred, as is affectionately called is however optimistic that one day he will surely be celebrated and given the appropriate recognition he deserves.

“It won’t keep long, God being who He is, I will be celebrated. From where I cannot tell and how I cannot say but I know it will happen,” he stated.

Uncle Fred while shedding light on the local movie industry bemoaned that, the industry is not stable as it is sometimes up and sometimes down.

“Today it is up, tomorrow it is down and that is how it is going. At a time, a crop of new faces will come and they will bring the whole industry up.

“Before you know everything is down because they are not around. Some can’t sustain the industry by being there always. I have been there since I was 30 something years and at 71, I am still in there,” he disclosed.

Uncle Fred added that certain core values such as dignity and humility is lost in the industry because a lot of the upcoming acts are disrespectful.

He also spoke about how producers treat them unfairly in the industry.

“Humility is lost in the industry, the least chance somebody gets to get to the top, the person starts to raise his or her shoulders and people do not want to use them again because they think they have gotten there.

“And when it comes to paying artists what is due them, producers and directors will go for what belongs to them and neglect players in their films.

“When they go to register to get their royalties, they register only themselves and forget that what they have, came to fruition because of the actors, that trend must change,” he said.

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