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01.01.2020 General News

Festival of Plays: Massive turnout for 'Dora Why?'

By Graphic Showbiz
Festival of Plays: Massive turnout for 'Dora Why?'
LISTEN JAN 1, 2020

December 27 was another great day of Roverman Productions' Festival of Plays when the play Dora Why? was staged .

Being the first production that playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte staged in 2019, the drama has set the tone for what Ghanaians were to expect from the team.

It was a brilliant play that had some innovative ideas that excited its audience. And it’s repeat at the National Theatre on December 27 was every bit as fresh as the first time it was shown.

Dora died 30 years ago but on the anniversary of her death Rev and Mrs Sowah find a note that reads:

“Good Evening Thomas and Mabel, Today marks the 30th anniversary of my death. This is to keep my memory alive. Please don’t forget me. Signed Dora”.

Like any normal individual, the Sowah’s are frightened and try to find out who is behind their note.

Jude, a security expert, who has come down from the United States to expand his business is hired. He also happens to be the boyfriend of the Sowah’s only child, Audrey, a judge.

The search for who is behind the note is a tough one mentally for everyone involved and brings to light serious cracks in the marriage of the Sowahs.

It also puts a strain on the relationship between Audrey and Jude; she has been waiting for him to propose marriage but he keeps dragging his feet and seems to have secrets that are making him hesitate.

It eventually turns out that Jude actually has a huge role to play in the whole matter; he is Dora's son and is seeking revenge for his mother's death. When he confronts the family, Mabel (Mrs Sowah) makes a shocking confession about her role in Dora's death which was accidental.

She had thought Dora was having an affair with her husband Thomas because of his frequent visits to Dora's home and goes to confront her. In reality, Dora was assisting Thomas in organizing a surprise anniversary party for them.

Jude's plan was to make Audrey fall in love with him and then he would dump her but his plan backfires as he falls in love with her.

It all ends joyfully with all parties involved forgiving each other and Audrey and Jude mending their relationship.

Dora Why? addresses a lot of topics including intolerance, impatience, forgiveness and the ability to go the extra mile for what you love.

Even though it was a live performance, the use of slow-motion as usually seen in movies gave it an amazing twist which received immense applause from the audience.

The audience, who had their eyes glued to the stage so as not to miss anything, was a very responsive one and laughed, cheered and applauded throughout the play.

The acting was on point and kudos goes to the actors for their seamless delivery, great voices and dance moves.

When Uncle Ebo Whyte took to the stage after the final curtain call, he commended actor Andrew Adote Tandoh (who played Jude in Dora Why?) on his vital role in all the 2019 plays.

“For being able to feature in four plays and acting back to back, it’s no joke. Andrew is playing different characters in all and that is a great achievement. He is the best actor I have ever seen," Uncle Ebo stated.

Festival of Plays continues today Wednesday, January 1, 2020, with Bananas and Groundnuts and Thursday, January 2 with God, You're Fired

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