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05.12.2019 Gospel News

One man with the power of God - The story of a pastor in Ebo Whyte's 'God You're Fired!'

By MyJoyOnline
One man with the power of God - The story of a pastor in Ebo Whyte's 'God You're Fired!'
LISTEN DEC 5, 2019

It seems Uncle Ebo wanted to close the 2019 chapter with a big bang with his play for the 4th quarter ‘God, You’re Fired!’.

The story follows the pastor, who had lost hope in God after a series of prayer requests went unanswered, coupled with daily disrespect from his wife.

The frustrated pastor who decided to fire God, did not know a huge responsibility would be laid on his shoulder as a result of his statement.

The Almighty in his magnanimous way of proving He exists, gives the pastor the power to be God for an hour. Just an hour!. A chance for him to responsibly grant requests of his followers but also realising how heavy the task to handle human is.

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However, the pastor loses focus, grows power-drunk and irresponsibly answer prayers of all his people disregarding the circumstances and backlash that could follow.

The excitement of having prayers answered are short-lived as church members and community folks begin to feel the consequences some of their answered prayers held for them.

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‘God, You’re Fired!’ is a play that gets the audience thinking deeply about life choices, the prayers they constantly reign on God and how they behave or how shaken their faith is when faced with adversity.

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However, in the pure Roverman fashion, Uncle Ebo Whyte does not miss the chance to bring humour scenes into the play to entertain while educating the audience.

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‘God, You're Fired!’ will again show from December 6 to December 8. With two shows each day at 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Tickets will be sold at the gate for 80 cedis.

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Although it is the last play by Roverman Productions for the year 2019, ‘God, You’re Fired!’ will be performed on the Festival of Plays which takes place in the yuletide.

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