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30.11.2019 General News

Article Wan Responds To Stonebwoy’s 40 Years Comment

By News Desk
Article Wan Responds To Stonebwoy’s 40 Years Comment

Born Bright Homenya, Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall artiste, Article Wan seems unhappy about a statement made by Stonebwoy that it will take 40 years to replace Shatta Wale, Sarkodie and himself.

The 'Solo' hit singer has said it is the opinion of the head honcho of the BhimNatives and he sees it as such.

The three ‘S-legends’ in the Ghanaian music industry have reigned for years and continue to be the stars emulated and celebrated by many music lovers.

Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Etse Satekla, said the country must start treating them as national assets who must be given the needed protection.

“Big up to SM, Shatta Wale my brother and Sarkodie my brother. It will take another 40 years to find me, Sarkodie and Shatta in this industry. We are national assets if you like don’t protect, if you like to protect,” Stonebwoy said while performing at the 2019 4syte Music Video Awards.

The comment has sparked debates on social media with many lambasting him for making such statement.

Article Wan, sharing his candid opinion on the subject in a recent interview wholly disagreed with Stonebwoy but maintained it's his opinion.

"You know people say stuff based on what they know, thinking, seeing and it is different from outside what they are thinking."

He [Stonebwoy] it. He knows what he's seeing, thinking but what I'm saying is it's different thing out of what he is thinking," Article Wan said.

He noted it could be that someone would be bigger than the S-Legends before the year even ends.

"I won't say I agree or disagree. We all have our own opinions and that's what he's thinking he should say and he said it, that's Stonebwoy" he said in an interview with First Lady on Browngh TV.

Article Wan concluded that no one will reign forever therefore only time will tell, if truly it will take 40 years to replace Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie.

"I believe that...this world is funny. In the next minute, second somebody can pop up. As we are talking right now before the curtain draws for the day a whole new vibe can be trending. Those things cannot be predicted. The way we are working hard maybe some unsung artiste is doing extra work" he said.

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