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22.09.2019 Music News

Soma Ryda Releases New EP 'TM BOY 4 LIFE' Ahead Of His Upcoming Album

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Soma Ryda Soma Ryda

Soma Ryda drops off another batch of tunes before his debut afrobeat album next year.

Thenew EP TM BOY 4 LIFE contains 6 tracks from the LP.

He has been working his debut LP since 2011.
Sarkodie, D Cryme, Captain Planet are some of the artists who will be featured on this album.

Producers B-Bryte, Killbeatz, Possi Gee, Drumnashion, Kilaw, Mix Master Garzy, Met Mix are among some of the producers working Soma's new project.

His song "WINE YOUR WAIST" has been released on 100 000 radio stations, boutiques, restaurants and hotels in over 50 different countries.

His second single, "Sei Hor" is number 2 on the Tema music charts. It will be a blast this year and next year.

TM BOY 4 LIFE' out now. Order your copy here. Get the new EP here.

Media Contact
Soma Ryda
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Media Contact
Soma [email protected]
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