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21.09.2019 General News

Fashion Designing: My Dream, My Life- Lauren Ama Bartels

By Daily Guide
Lauren Ama Bartels
LISTEN SEP 21, 2019
Lauren Ama Bartels

The fashion industry is already heavily saturated with many fantastic designers and a plethora of their high quality products, yet new brands pop up each day and they get noticed for their artistic designs. One of such brands is Lauren Haute Couture by Lauren Ama Bartels.

Just two years in the Ghanaian fashion scene, Ama Bartels has been able to create a fashion brand to provide today's women of style an alternative option to how fashion is delivered.

Lauren Haute Couture is known for its elegant yet dramatic flair and aesthetic style that provides a fairytale appeal to its clients' preferences. Elaborate silhouettes and dramatic cuts form part of Lauren's repertoire of styling, making her a force to reckon within the fashion industry.

The brand has styled and designed outfits for Nana Aba Anamoah, Joselyn Dumas, Jackie Appiah and a host of others.

Last weekend, Lauren won the emerging designer of the year at the 2019 edition of Glitz Africa Awards to confirm she is one of the go-to young brands.

In this interview with NEWS-ONE's Francis Addo, she spoke about winning the Glitz Africa Awards and her love for fashion designing despite her law background.

Congratulations on your Glitz Awards as emerging designer of the year.

Thank you.
Is it your first-ever award and what does it mean to you?

This is my first award since I embarked on this journey and it means everything to me because I believe I'm on the right path; that following your dreams does work.

Did see yourself winning the category from the onset?

I know I have worked very hard and deserved to win but at the same time, I believe every other nominee was capable of winning too.

Tell us about Lauren Ama Bartels?
I am a woman who has loved fashion from a very young age and very passionate about it.

How long have you been a designer and what inspired you into it?

I have been a fashion designer for two years now. Though I have a law background, I believe it's important to do what you love. So, that is how it all started and I am so happy to be living my dream.

How was it like starting up Lauren Haute Couture? And tell us more about the brand?

The brand came into existence two years ago. I started by designing beautiful garments for myself and doing photo shoots with them. So, this is how people started placing orders, especially when they had to attend functions. I then decided to take a year intensive course at the Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design where I learnt how to make clothes.

Where can anyone locate Lauren Haute Couture now?

We are located at 16N Airport West, Accra, Ghana.  Very close to the African Regent Hotel.

How will you describe your personal style?

I love making a statement in everything I wear. So, I usually design avant-garde statement pieces for myself.

What kind of fabrics and textures do your brand gravitate towards?

We use all kinds of fabrics. It just depends who I am designing for, the function they are attending and the appropriate fabric that works with the style.

Apart from awards, what will you describe as your greatest achievement with the brand?

My greatest achievement so far has been being able to combine fashion school and work. The course was very intensive and I must say combining that with work was very challenging. But I'm so proud of myself for being able to complete the course by sheer determination and focus.

How do you choose your clientele and who are some of the biggest clients so far?

I don't necessarily choose my clients. I design for any client that chooses to be a Lauren woman. I love to design for any woman who feels confident in wearing my clothing.

Where do you get your ideas and styles?

I take inspiration from anything I'm surrounded by which I find beautiful. I also take into consideration who I'm designing for. Their personality plays a big role.

What, according to you, is the favourite part of being a fashion designer?

My favourite part of being a fashion designer is I love to sketch every day. I love the creative, artistic and technical aspect of designing my clothing.

Schools attended?
I went to Holy Child, then to the University of Hull in England. I am also from Elmina and I am married with two kids.

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