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Close all South Africa Embassies – Blakk Rasta To African Countries

Blakk Rasta
LISTEN SEP 11, 2019
Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta is suggesting all African countries close down South African embassies and missions in protest against xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in that country.

This is because he believes the attacks would continue unless strong measures are taken by the other African countries to stop it.

The re-emergence of xenophobic attacks in South Africa has resulted in the destruction of several businesses belonging to black foreign nationals. Others have locked themselves up in their homes and are unable to go about their normal business activities for fear of being attacked.

Speaking on The Big Show on Class 91.3FM hosted by Nana Kwasi on Saturday, September 7, 2019, Blakk Rasta said, “It is very sad that we are having this. I think we have to take a decision to be bitter enough to stand against this nonsense that is happening in South Africa.”

“Until we take stringent measures, it is going to continue like this. All the countries in Africa should ban the South African Embassy. The ambassadors should go home back to Johannesburg and rest. All businesses that belong to South Africans in other African countries should pack. It’ll continue like this if we don't take these measures,” he added.

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