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07.08.2019 Industry News

Shatta Michy Launches 'Glamorous By Michy' Skin Products

Shatta Michy Launches 'Glamorous By Michy' Skin Products
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Michy Diamond has an unrelenting spirit, the young female entrepreneur is already on to her next venture — this time for Glamorous by Michy skin products.

You ever wondered how Michy gets her gorgeous skin? Well, the secret is Glamorous by Michy.

"Glamorous by Michy is dedicated to making women look and feel their best. We want to enhance your glow with a variety of Glamorous by Michy products that will make you fall in love with your skin daily. Confidence and security are what we want women to feel with every use." Expect to see face masks, lotions for all skin tones and types, body oil, supplements, etc among the available products from 9th August going, Michy explained.

The new Glamorous by Michy collection includes ‘Glutathione Skin Supplements’, ‘Fair Lotion’, 'Herbal Shower Gel', 'Caramel Face Cream', 'Body Scrub', 'Body Oil', 'Mask Solutions' and 'Black Soap'.

"I wanted to create something that is fun, and completely different than what we have on markets. The packaging is so on point!!”, Michy said.

Most fans have only shown excitement for the Glamorous by Michy collection with many followers saying they couldn't wait for it to be on sale.

The Glamorous by Michy collection drops 9th August 2019 and will be available for purchase by Michy herself delivering the products to the first 20 buyers.