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19.07.2019 General News

Details Of Burna Boy's Feature On The Lion King Album

By Staff Writer
Details Of Burna Boy's Feature On The Lion King Album

As we open and enjoy “The Gift' from Beyoncé, we are not oblivious to the recognition given to Nigeria's own Burna Boy on this tribute album.

'Ja Ara E' is written and sung by Damini Ogulu (Burna Boy) and produced by Richard Isong (P2J) , it is an ode to the wisdom and spirit you need to survive in Lagos and indeed in Africa, it is a call on us all to wise up.

On the album, the song is a direct counsel to Simba, the courageous heir- apparent who “laughs in the face of danger “ to Ja’ ara e, is to wise up and arise to the ways of royalty, leadership and the jungle.

In his true authentic style and message, the African Giant represents home, country and continent on this one.

The entire album features Beyoncé herself and various talented artistes from Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Listen Here

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