18.06.2019 General News

Kwesi Arthur's Wants To Marry At 35, Dad Says "You're Not Serious"

Kwesi Arthur and his father, Mr Danso Arthur
LISTEN JUN 18, 2019
Kwesi Arthur and his father, Mr Danso Arthur

“He can’t be serious. I saw it and I said ‘this guy is he normal’? When you are young and you put structures in place, you make healthy babies. They should have asked him how old his dad was when he gave birth to him. I think 35 is too much,” Mr Danso said.

The rapper's father believes he is delaying his marriage because of his experiences while growing up “ but life cannot ever give you 100%.”

Kwesi Arthur’s dad was grateful to his superstar son who according to him replaced his cab engine when it broke down recently.

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