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18.06.2019 General News

Motorway Illegal U-Turn: Show Warning Signs - Andrew Of Keche Fame Tells Police

Motorway Illegal U-Turn: Show Warning Signs - Andrew Of Keche Fame Tells Police

About 40 drivers were on Monday, June 17, 2019, arrested on the motorway for making illegal U-turns on the highway.

Hiplife artiste Andrew Cudjoe of Keche fame is part of the drivers who were arrested for committing the offense and was arraigned to court today.

The 'Pressure' singer has been fined GH¢770 by the La District Court in Accra.

Speaking to journalists after his court hearing, he questioned why the small passages on the motorway have not been blocked if they are truly illegal as stated by the Police.

“All those small passages, the U-turns on the motorway, it’s more than one; it’s plenty. It’s been there for close to a year now; almost everybody from Trasacco using the motorway use that lane, a lot of them. At least, if even they’re not working on it now, they can easily put some things there to just lock it but it’s still there, people are taking it, so, how long is it going to be there”, he quizzed.

Andrew Cudjoe together with Joshua Ampah is known in the music industry as the skilled team which in the Twi dialect means 'Keche'.

They were recently in the news to have received two brand new Hyundai Elantra saloon cars from their new management, GEM Media, the record label which recently signed them in a deal worth $500,000.

The cars are part of the packages promised by GEM media, which is a subsidiary of the gold firm, Golden Empire Legacy Ltd.